Casio Pathfinder PAW-1500T-7V Review ($199)


I really like the Casio Pathfinder line because no other watch combines so many practical features into a single watch.

As a youth, all I would wear was Casio watches, fascinated by the time telling wrist-borne devices that seemed to be so much more than “just a watch.” Frankly, Casio was what my father would buy for me – but I quickly became a serious fan.

Lots of little great features are in the watch – but you’ll have to read the manual to find them out if you aren’t a regular Casio watch owner.

It’s amazing how light the watch actually is compared to its size and functionality! It’s nice to see that Casio widened and imprinted the knurled pattern on the buttons; mine are flat and small, which sometimes makes them difficult to push.

This is Casio’s newest and most feature rich Pathfinder series watch (model PAW-1500T-7V)

At that point in my life, I never did get that holy grail Casio watch that was bundled with all the cool features and technologies – until now that is.

This was Casio’s clever way of not only hiding the solar panel but also allowing for it to be placed on a watch with an LCD panel.

This is what I mean by a highly refined watch, and this is what you get with the Casio Pathfinder.

Buy this Casio Pathfinder watch directly from Casio here.casio-pathfinder-paw-1500t-7v-back2

I finally got that dream Casio watch I always wanted, and I have to admit it is damn satisfying.

So for a huge chunk of my life, I was a dedicated Casio watch lover.

Casio, I have to give it to you, you have probably the best watch instruction manuals on the planet.

The idea is that because the watch has so many useful features and does not need to have battery changes, it is perfect for your life away from civilisation and survival – but also makes for a perfect companion if your life isn’t as rugged and/or rustic.

Of course there is a distinct element of “I’ve always wanted one of these,” in my current joy, but at the same time there is a level of refinement in a watch like this that you don’t even have in Swiss watches (which related to the user experience with the functions) More on that in a bit, lets go over what this beast is.

Even if the features in the watch (aside from what is displayed on the default screen such as the time and date) don’t interest you – the watch is still incredibly useful.

The basic features of this watch are easy to use, but to be an expert with all the functionality you’ll need to delve into the manual.casio-pathfinder-paw-1500t-7v-details2

Other details on the face include information about daylight savings time (DST), the state of the battery and whether the watch is in power savings mode.

I’ve never known of any other watch that has all these features together.

It is a watch perfectly suited for telling you the time plus lots of other appreciate the information in a reliable and (most important) enjoyable way.

It will bore you to cover this more I am sure, but this is a well-integrated function of the watch and results in making sure that the watch is always very accurate as it syncs with the atomic clock (located in Fort Collins, CO, here in the states).

As I said, the layout of the buttons and information on the Pathfinder watch is really well done.

I was extremely involved with the features that each watch had aside from it telling the time.

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