Casio, founded in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan, has a broad range of products in its earlier days, but it was only until 1974 with the release of the Casiotron that Casio entered the watch making market. The Casiotron capable of displaying dates with automatic update for long and short months, and automatic adjustment for leap years, was a good first step into the market.
After producing its first wrist watch with Casio LCD released in 1978, Casio continued to improve by trying to achieve greater heights in watchmaking. The challenge of achieving shock resistance watch began the shock-resistance technology that Casio introduced actually over-turned conventional thinking of watches. Casio then tries to improve its watches by enhancing toughness even further by introducing vibration resistance, water resistance, and electrostatic resistance.
Casio not only want to make a super durable and unbreakable watch, they have advance technology which they introduced like the self-adjusting Wave Ceptor (watches are able to calibrate themselves to the correct time by receiving time signals around the world and these signals are normally driven directly by the ultra-accurate atomic clocks) and Tough Solar(takes in sunlight or artificial light to power up a built-in rechargeable battery in the watch)
Some of the celebrities that endorse Casio watches are Vin Diesel, Tom Cruise, Justin Bieber and Brad Pitt.
 Casio Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Casio Watches

edificeCasio Edifice Atomic Solar Black Dial Men’s Watch – EQWM600C-1A

The engineering of this watch is just impressive and superior. One of my favourite Casio watches, the Edifice Atomic has wave captor technology which self-adjust to the most accurate time possible and tough solar-power technology that never requires battery change or winding. Along with other of its features, this hi-tech watch is definitely worth the purchase.

edifice2Casio Men’s Silver Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch with Black Dial – EQSA500DB-1AV

Aside from its tough solar technology, the Casio EQSA500DB-1AV is an attractive and elegant looking watch without looking too extravagant or fancy, very well suited for any occasions be it formal or casual. Overall a very well built watch as would be expected from Casio.

1289989742-05578200Casio Men’s Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Titanium Bracelet Watch – PAW2000T-7CR

Before you close this page thinking what the hell, recommending such a dull old-school looking watch, please hold on. This is the ultimate watch ever, with so many features and functions, it will probably change your perspective on watches, never judge a watch by its cover! Check out below for more information on the watch.


Casio Men’s EF527D-1AV Edifice Stainless Steel Multi-Function Watch

If you are looking for a good looking aviator watch without having to spend hundreds or even thousands, the Casio Edifice EF527D-1AV fits the bill. With its relatively low price, you are definitely getting a lot more than what you are paying, with perfect style and quality, this watch is worth the purchase.

957889-1455Casio Edifice Rose Gold 3D Dial Men’s Watch – EQWM1100CG-1

A classic vintage with modern touches to it is what makes the Casio Edifice EQWM1100CG-1 so unique in terms of design. A perfect colour combination of rose gold with black brings out elegance and sophistication of the watch. With its latest technology this watch has (Atomic Solar) the EQWM1100CG-1 is definitely worth the purchase.


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