CCCP Heritage Watch Review ($145)


This CCCP Heritage watch is among the latter and contains a restored Slava calibre 2427 automatic movement that the modern brand was able to acquire as part of what is an interesting story.


CP-7019-05 watch, and it comes from a brand called “CCCP Time,” which – based out of Hong Kong – produces a range of USSR-era themed watches.

One of the brand’s more simple pieces is the CCCP Time Heritage, and it is a vintage-style dress watch in a modern size.

The design of the CCCP Time Heritage overall is dressy, and unlike some of the more colourful or edgy design of other CCCP Time watches, the Heritage is conservative enough for frequent wearing.

Of all the mechanicals, some are Japanese, and some are historic mechanical movements produced in the USSR by the watch makers Slava.

CCCP Time further claims that the movements were in understandably poor shape and that a fair amount of restoration work and new parts were required to make them operate properly.


When the USSR annexed parts of Germany they gained new skills in watch making, and over the years the Soviet Union built a range of watch factories across its territory, especially in places such as St.

As I understand it, a similar mentality was applied to the design of Russian mechanical watch movements.

Many Russian-made watch movements were copies of other designs, which of course wasn’t uncommon for the era.

Watch lovers recognise that name associated with a really nice brand based in Germany designed by the Russian Mr.

On the surface, CCCP Time is a company producing Russian-themed watches along with a host of other companies.

The name of the brand “CCCP” of course is just the Cyrillic spelling of “USSR,” and while not particularly original does make it clear to people what the theme of the brand and timepiece is all about.

Remember that this is a vintage-theme watch, so I actually find it appropriate that hour markers are produced with a metal that offers a slightly tarnished, aged look. Check out more of WatchAffairs reviews and drop us your email to stand a chance to win our monthly exclusive watch giveaways


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