Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch Review ($341)


The citizen did their absolute best with the Proximity, but in the end, it offers a small list of Bluetooth features.

This is still functionally a technology in its infancy and I applaud Citizen for having the courage to release a product into the market that is not perfect, but allows for it to test and improve its competency with the “connected watch.” Citizen has experience with atomic clock radio signals and even GPS satellite signal connected watches, so Bluetooth is the logical next step.

Anyhow, the overall rating the Proximity gets as a watch is good and comparably easy to live with and good looking as is the case with many other Citizen watches.

Clearly, the Proximity is the first of many such watches, and early adopters are rewarded more with anticipation for what is to come rather than a feeling that “the Bluetooth watch is finally here.” Let’s talk about the Eco-Drive Proximity as compared to some of the current competition and in light of where the technology currently is.

As a watch, the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity is something that existing Citizen watch owners will be familiar with but with a unique style that sets it apart.

Being able to merely sip on power means that the Proximity does not have a large connection range, and what it can do between phone and watch are limited.

With the Proximity, Citizen released the world’s first analogue (i.e. not digital) wristwatch with the ability to connect to a phone via Bluetooth.

Say hello to the interesting Eco-Drive Proximity watch from Citizen.


We originally debuted the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity watch back in August of 2013.

First, you need to enable Bluetooth on your iPhone and download the free Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity app from the App Store.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity watch retails for only $341.

The quirks of connecting the Proximity to your iPhone can be frustrating, but they are not unique to this Bluetooth enabled watch.

If the watch had multiple time zone displays (i.e. a world timer) then this would be a great travel watch as most places you travel to have cell phone reception.

When it comes down to it, this is still one of the only Bluetooth watches that allows you to retain a traditional watch wearing and using experience.

Inside the watch is a Citizen Japan made Eco-Drive quartz movement.


While the Proximity can only connect to the iPhone, nothing on the watch itself says that.

I will say that once the iPhone and Proximity watch are connected it is rather reliable in issuing these alerts.

I know, you are smart and can figure stuff out, and how complex could a watch be? Well, I think that Casio, Citizen, and Seiko got together and wanted to humble you. Check out more of WatchAffairs reviews and drop us your email to stand a chance to win our monthly exclusive watch giveaways


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