Citizen watch company was founded in Japan in 1918, Just like Seiko, Citizen is the pride of the very unique Japanese watch making industry. It is now one of the world’s largest producers of watches and biggest rival to the Swiss watch manufacturers and Swiss watch making industry.
Citizen is notably known to be ahead of its time and innovation when it introduced light-powered technology in 1976, where they have a created a light-powered watch which is powered by light to keep the watch running but it was not very popular at that time. Citizen’s engineers then step up and took the challenge to refine the proprietary green, light power technology and improve the efficiency, creating Eco-Drive watch which more than 10 million been sold in North America alone and most of Citizen watches already have Eco-Drive built in. So you don’t have to change batteries forever as long as there is sunlight or artificial light to power your watch. Citizen is a watch making company that has created timepieces for almost any taste and need
Some of the famous celebrities that endorse Citizen are Victoria Azanrenka, Paula Creamer, Michael Waltrip and Sasha Cohen.
 Citizen Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Citizen Watches

BJ7000-52E Citizen BJ7000-52E “Nighthawk” Eco-Drive Watch

Aside from its little details and its neat slide rule, what I like about the BJ7000-52E is its eco-drive feature; powered by light, which means this watch does not need any batteries or winding.

Citizen Eco-drive Nighthawk is a great watch to have; its workmanship is so delicate and detailed that it will make you fall in love with it every time you wear it.



Citizen BM7100-59E “Corso” Eco Drive Dress Watch

A simple classic Citizen timepiece. With its simple and elegant design, I feel that this watch is more suited for formal occasions, having said that, you can probably mod it to a leather band for a more casual fit.

With such a clean cut design, there’s no going wrong, there’s no turning back with great style from Citizen’s BM7100-59E.


BL5250-02LCitizen BL5250-02L Eco-Drive Watch

This watch feels slightly light as the case of the BL5250-02L is entirely made out of titanium. Along with its light weight comes with a comfortable leather band which makes the watch really comfortable to wear. The dial is actually dark blue even though it looks black in picture.

 Definitely a great watch to get if you are looking for a classy, modern and dressy kind of watch.


AT8020-03LCitizen AT8020-03L Blue Angels World A-T Eco-Drive Watch

A very fun and sporty looking watch with blue dial and bezel, and blue/yellow leather strap however it does not look cheap at all. In fact the AT8020-03L has a very sharp look that may even go well for formal occasions.

What I like most is that it will set itself to the atomic clock keeping perfect all the time. A watch which excels highly in both design and performance definitely deserves a spot here.

71YtHfoMEdLCitizen Men’s BL8000-54L Eco-Drive Calibre 8700 Perpetual Calendar Watch

Perhaps those who don’t like the clutter of a chronograph watch will like this simple and elegant BL8000-54L timepiece. Along with its handsome dark blue dial, it has a perpetual calendar; which sets itself knowing the month length and leap year.

Definitely a solid, attractive and reasonably-priced watch that will look great on anyone on any occasions.



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