Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko parent company is actually Seiko, but they are not the same. In prior to 1960, most people believed that Swiss watches were the best and of the highest quality and Japanese watches were inferior, Seiko was then inspired to create and produce watches of higher standard than the international chronometer standards. And this ambition of Seiko is how Grand Seiko was born in 1960, inspired to go to a greater heights, new skills and technologies were required to produce Grand Seiko and it took a lot of dedication to perfect the Grand Seiko Standard.

Now, the Grand Seiko produces watches that are that are basically based functional watch, that may not sound very magnificent or ambitious but by basic and functional, it would mean an “ideal watch” that is the most accurate watch possible, the most durable, the most comfortable to wear, the most elegant design and all the attributes that you would like to think of when you are getting any watch and these philosophies remains the same to this day. Grand Seiko is everything a luxury watch should be and will be, with no unnecessary elaboration or decoration, just pure, simple and basic watchmaking raised to the level of an art form. Grand Seiko is known for their reflection design, it is a very unique attribute which very few brands have.

The designers of Grand Seiko are able to make the dial, hands and indices of the watches play with the light, which cannot be captured by camera, however in real life, you can watch the light dance on the dial breaking into various halo shapes, which is incomprehensible and amazing.


 Grand Seiko Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Grand Seiko Watches

SBGX095 Grand Seiko Quartz Mens Wrist Watch – SBGX095 

The SBGX095, a watch of pure elegance and simplicity along with the highest quality movements made by the best watchmakers in Japan is truly a masterpiece.

With silver hands and indices so legible makes reading so easy even under low-light areas. Overall a very dressy and classy watch that goes well with suit and tie.

SBGA057Grand Seiko Spring Drive Wristwatch – SBGA057

Two things I like about this watch is its simple yet classy looking dial and it’s a spring drive watch. Spring drive is a watch movement that was developed by Seiko, it is capable of creating a continuous movement of the second hand instead of the traditional beats per time unit as seen in other quartz or mechanical watches. It’s probably one of the highest technology and innovation in the watchmaking industry. Do note that the dial colour is creamy white.


SBGX097Grand Seiko Quartz Men’s watch – SBGX097

With its high level of legibility on its glamorous matt grey-green dial, the SBGX097 looks totally stunning especially in different lightings. As mentioned, Grand Seiko designers are masters of light, just look at the hands of the watch, its polished in three different angles for light to reflect beautifully on it. Its really impossible to see it here in pictures, but in real life, the reflections will totally impress you.



Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT Wristwatch – SBGE009

A similar design to the SBGA057, the SBGE009 comes with a sportier look than the SBGA057. As mentioned before, the spring drive capability to create a continuous movement of the second hand, the SBGE009 is able to integrate class and style together in their design bringing out a very simple yet sophisticated look overall.


SBGM027Grand Seiko Mechanical Wristwatch – SBGM027

There are just too many fantastic models to choose from, but I’m gonna put SBGM027 in my Top 5. This fantastic timepiece has unbelievable finish, with the highest graded materials along with the best craftsmanship, the casework and bracelet is top-tier, this watch is truly a masterpiece. Overall, an extraordinary watch of high quality and reliability.



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