This American watch brand of over 100 years old, founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Hamilton watches combine the American spirit with the unrivalled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technologies. The Hamilton Watch Co. has represented the highest grade movements coupled with some truly progressive designs, bringing high demand and international prestige to a country not known for their watches. Hamilton Watch Co. does not spend much money on marketing; they leave most of their promotion to self-discovery and word of mouth as they are confident in their watches.
 Hamilton is well-known for its military-inspired creation as Hamilton has a history of supplying the US Government with watches for the armed forces. Today, Hamilton highlights unique shapes, personality and design combining the American spirit with Swiss technologies. Hamilton focuses on two collections – American Classic and Khaki. Both families build on the brand’s American heritage to create modern masterpieces of design and Swiss technology. Hamilton watch has a strong presence in the Hollywood scenes with watches over 300 films appearance; this brand is definitely a well-known brand all over the world.
Some of the famous celebrities that endorse Hamilton are… Nobody actually. As mentioned above, Hamilton does not spend much money on marketing.
 Hamilton Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Hamilton Watches

2222Hamilton H38755751 Intra-Matic Silver Dial Watch

Yes, it is a silver dial watch, which is what makes this watch interesting because at certain angle and lighting, the dial looks white.

What I like most is that the H38755751 doesn’t have a second hand which adds on to its simple minimalist design, this watch brings out the classic simplicity of what a watch should be. A great watch to have especially for dressy and formal occasions.


p039715348078-item-5517xf1x0500x0500-mHamilton Valiant H39515734 Automatic Black Dial Watch 

 One of the few underrated watches of Hamilton, the Valiant H39515734 design has sleek curves and clean lines, its simple black and silver brings out a strong identity to the watch and the wearer.

A great watch to have considering its reasonable price tag and all the qualities and attributes this watch has.


H77612333Hamilton H77612333 Khaki ETO Black Chronograph Dial Watch

 The H77612333 is definitely one of a kind; a very manly and rugged yet stylish looking watch with a nice weight to it.

The numbers on the dial may look small, but it’s really easy to read after some time. Overall, a very well made watch of excellent quality that is worth purchasing.


UntitledHamilton H38415581 Timeless Class Silver Dial Watch

 The Hamilton Thin-O-Matic line has an established heritage line since 1960s and the H38415581 is one of the newest releases which comes with excellent movements and retro look with modern touches is what makes the H38415581 a timeless classic.


111Hamilton Jazzmaster Black Dial Leather Mens Watch H32505731

 What I like about this watch is the metal surrounding the dial which gives a very clean and elegant look to the watch. Also the design of how the date is being display on the watch is so simple and clear which adds on to its simplistic design overall.

The H32505731 Jazzmaster is one of the finest selling watch in the Jazzmaster collection line.



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