High-Tier Brands

Brand Preview Review
 watchjlc The brand has hundreds of inventions to its name, including the world’s smallest calibre, the world’s most complicated wristwatch and a timepiece of near-perpetual movement. Its superb performance and great watchmaking tradition has come together to create the best watches in the world.
logoseikoGrand Seiko  watchgs Grand Seiko as its name suggest is under Seiko itself. Grand Seiko was borned in 1960, the founders were determined to create nothing less than just luxury watches, they created the Grand Seiko standard of precision and reliability. Grand Seiko standard is a Seiko-exclusive accuracy standard for mechanical watches which has been established to ensure superior performance.
logozenithZenith  watchzenith Zenith is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer started in 1865. Zenith has a long reputation for the quality and precision of their watches. To this day, Zenith remains one of the rare manufacturers capable of producing all parts of its watches. Zenith is known to produce the most precise and reliable watches ever.
logoomegaOMEGA  watchomega OMEGA which was founded in 1848. Notably known to appear in James Bond movies since 1995, OMEGA watches were the choice of NASA and the OMEGA Speedmaster was the first watch on Moon in 1969, that watch, commonly referred to as the moon watch is still producing today. The OMEGA brand has been the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games since 1932. OMEGA is now owned by the Swatch Group.
breitling_logoBreitling  A4131012-BC06SS Found in 1884 in Grenchen, Canton of Solothum, Switzerland by Leon Breitling. Breitling primarily produces precision-made chronometer watches for aviators. Breitling has played a critical role in the development of chronograph and is a leader in the chronograph complications and is the world’s only major watch brand to equip all of its models with chronometer-certified movements, the ultimate token of precision.
logorolexRolex  watchrolex Founded in London England in 1905, Rolex moved its base of operations to Geneva Switzerland in 1919. Rolex watches are known for much more than precision luxury watches. Another hallmark of this luxury wrist watch brand is that they create the first water and dust proof wristwatch. Rolex frequently makes the list at the top 100 most valuable global brands and is the largest single luxury watch brand.
logochopardChopard  watchchopard Chopard is a Swiss-based luxury watch, jewelry and accessory company founded in 1860. Chopard is regarded as a manufacture in other words your watch is a movement mostly made in-house rather than using base movements of other manufacturers. Chopard has established itself in the field for its precision luxury watches.
logotagTAG Heuer  watchtag TAG Heuer is a Swiss luxury brand founded in 1860, TAG Heuer is now owned by French luxury goods conglomerate, LVMH the powerhouse care company brands like Louis Vuitton, well known endorses are US President Barack Obama, Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt and many others, which makes TAG Heuer in the top 10 list of iconic watch brands.
logopaneraiPanerai  watchpanarei Italian watch brand Panerai, founded in Florence Italy 1860 and still maintains its headquarters there but manufactures watches in Switzerland using both movements manufactured in-house and movements manufactured by ETA which is the largest manufacturer of Swiss watch movements and is part of the Switch Group. Celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Heidi Klum and Jason Statham are frequently seen wearing panerai watches.
logoiwcIWC  watchiwc IWC(International Watch Company) is notable for being the only major Swiss watch factory located in eastern Switzerland. IWC was founded in 1868 by an American engineer watchmaker. IWC is the most respected watch manufacturer in the world which deserves the top 10 iconic luxury watch brands.