Longines watch co. was founded in 1832 in St Imier, Switzerland. It has a unique business model where it was called “Home Business”, workers would work on watches out of their homes and Longines would later sell. Longines “Winged Hourglass” Is the oldest registered trademark for a watch company, having been registered in 1880, the winged hourglass logo first appear on Longines watch in about 1867.
Longines is well-known for its chronographs in sports and aviation. Longines is the first watch company to create precision timers for sporting events and are still used in many sporting events such as equestrian, gymnastic competitions and the Olympics. Using own in-house movements, Longines has produced really beautiful sport chronograph watches. After Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight, he helped Longines design a pilot’s watch with special features for air-navigation.
Longines have always made great timeless watches and there are two mens watch models that standout from the 1960’s onwards. The Longines Conquest and Longines Admiral are both now very collectable mens vintage watches. With as the its name suggests, a classic and timeless look.
Some of the famous celebrities that endorse Longines are Kate Winslet, Simon Baker and Aishwarya Rai.
 Longines Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Longines Watches

Longines Conquest L3.687.4.99.6Longines Conquest GMT Automatic – L3.687.4.99.6

 The Longines Conquest has other dial color combinations as well but my favorite is the blue one, with smooth polished finish along the sides and the bezel, the Longines Conquest L3.687.4.99.6 looks totally elegant and classy especially with a suit and tie.

This absolutely gorgeous watch made from the highest quality is definitely second to none.


 L2.673.4.78.3Longines Master Collection Mens Watch – L2.673.4.78.3

 It’s difficult to put into words how amazing this watch is, it is capable of providing so many features that will make you wonder how Longines’ watchmakers actually does it especially when it is not a battery operated watch.

A watch that is way beyond its price tag, for more detailed information of the watch you may check out in the link above.


 L2.747.4.52.4 Longines Heritage 1954 Collection Watch – L2.747.4.52.4

 Inspired by an old museum watch from 1954, this Heritage chronograph by Longines also comes in white dial. Its detailed craftsmanship along with its sharp design and quality movements makes this timepiece an exclusive one.

I like how the design of the dial is, it may look clutter at first glance, but all the information are actually very simple and clear on the dial itself.


 L3.640.4.56.6 Hydro ConquestLongines Men’s  Hydro Conquest Watch – L3.640.4.56.6

The HydroConquest line from Longines produces watches which are for men and women looking for watch that is of high quality and of elegant design.

The HydroConquest L3.640.4.56.6 diving watch is not only built for performance but also for people looking for a classic and simple design.


Longines Master Automatic Men’s Watch – L26284773

 Had a tough time deciding between this or the L2.718.4.50.6

Chose this to be in my top 5 because of its simplicity classic design with an overall sharp look in the dial and hands which integrates well with its smooth finish along the bezel and the sides.

What I like most is the silver dial which is not reflective due to the surface finish, giving it an expensive and elegant feel every time I look at it.


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