Mid-Tier Brands

Brands Preview Review
download (1)Seiko   seikowatch
Aside from watches Seiko have a broad diversity of products, which is why in 2001, Seiko’s watch division became and independent company, Seiko Watch Corporation which focus is on improving and producing watches, Seiko has become one of the leading watch brands in the market.
citizenlogoCitizen 1305903615-89 Citizen watches are very popular as they offer very affordable watches all the way up to high-end timeless pieces for watch appreciators.Their watches manufacturing experience making durable and reliable watches as well as their customer satisfaction ranks them very well in the chart.
hamilton logoHamilton  Hamilton_Watch_5 The Hamilton watches have unique attributes, personality and design combining the American spirit with Swiss technologies. Hamilton produces watches that are unique and beautiful. The Hamilton watches are cherished among collectors and appreciation for it is rising.
Longines_NegLongines  longines master collection chronograph 2 Based in Switzerland, Longines was founded in 1832, the company along with many others is now owned by the Swatch Group. Longines is known for its aviators watches. It provided timers at the first modern-day Olympics in 1892 and remains a widely recognized name in sports watches and chronographs and is the official time keeper for numerous sporting events.
OrientLogoOrient  orientwatch Japan’s largest producer of mechanical watches, coming from the same family as Seiko, the Orient are some ways superior than its competitors. The overall quality of the Orient watches is more than great, elegantly built and good looking are strong features of an Orient watch.


 Timex-Watches-T49866fw800fh800 Timex is a long-running watch manufacturer that produces a decent variety of watches. Even though they produce watches from a wide range of variety, the quality of their watches are always at the top of the chart. Which is why Timex is able to be so popular in the market for such a long time.
fortis-watch-logoFortis  fortis Fortis belongs to the traditional Swiss watch brands which is active since its foundation in 1912. Fortis supplies watches for Mars mission, crew members can rely on their Fortis watches during their trip. They are known to produce reliable mechanical watches which are able to even withstand the harsh environment of space.
oris_logo-1024x546Oris  Oris_Watch_9 Oris is one of the few watch company that is still independent and privately owned. A passion for mechanics is what makes Oris ticks. Producing the best quality watches is a responsibility that Oris takes very seriously, in Oris’ watchmaking, machines and the human touch are equally important. Real watches for Real people is Oris’ slogan.
invictalogoInvicta  invictawatch Invicta watches are especially popular among younger people. Heavily promoted on shopping portals and on net, they are also known for their creative line of unique designs and shapes. They produce top quality watches from all ranges of price.
logocasioCasio Casio-Edifice-Black-atomic-watch Casio, one of Japan’s oldest and largest watch manufacturers is known for its resistance to shocks and unbreakable durability technology, Casio today is still stepping up on their technology which includes Wave Ceptor and Tough Solar, read more on Casio review to know more about it