Nixon Diplomat Watch Review ($275)


In some ways, it’s almost a hand destined for a dressier piece – which makes me wonder if the main handset was different in the initial designs for this watch.

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I really like slender seconds hands that reach out to the outer edge of the dial, and this one has a slight flair on the balance end, making for a sharp design.

In contrast to the main handset, I do really like the seconds and red GMT hands.


Inside that case, you’ve got a quartz Ronda movement driving the four hands (hours, minutes, seconds, and GMT) as well as the date display.

At least here in the states, the Nixon name (when it comes to politics, not watches) is about as opposite from a diplomat as you could think (if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out this article).

He loves the fact that we can carry these micro machines on our wrist without a second thought and looks at watches through the lens of practicality, uniqueness, and relative value.

As to the GMT hand, it’s also slender and unobtrusive, meaning you really only pick up on it when you’re wanting to read the second time zone.

And in complete dark? Just you never mind – though the dial has lume on it, the main hands have none.

I have to say though that the first thing that grabbed me about this watch wasn’t so much the specs, or the strap material – it was the name.

Confusingly, it’s also the only hand that has any lume – which makes the lack of lume on the main handset that much more of a surprise.

The watch comes in at a weight of only 126g, so this isn’t one that you’ll feel weighed down with.

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