Orient Flight Watch Review ($155)


If you are looking for a mid-tier watch then you are in it for an awesome review of this sleek and elegant Orient Flight Watch. In addition to the blue dial of Orient Flight watch, Orient currently offers the same watch in five versions that also include green, black, tan, and also a black dial version with a black-colored case.

Another way that many watchmakers mess up the hands on pilot watches is by putting black hands on a black or dark dial.


If this watch was in the thousands of dollars I would complain that the date window should perhaps be a bit more elegant and have a disc with a matching colour to the dial, but it isn’t really that bad and given all the value here it doesn’t really bother me.

They claim that “the Flight Watch is Orient’s take on the quintessential classic Pilot’s piece,” and that is imminently true.

Beyond any doubt, a 44mm or bigger pilot watch can look cool, yet Situate is more centred around sizes that work for the biggest conceivable gathering of people – so for me, this is a decent size.

The Orient Flight is the previous and is the Japanese watch creators go up against delivering a straightforward yet alluring pilot-style watch.

I in this manner chose to test the Orient Flight out with some modest NATO-style straps because of Marc over at Long Island Watch.

Offered with a couple dial hues, I was promptly attracted to the fine metallic blue dial of this Situate Flight ref.

Besides the set pattern for the date window and the somewhat raised Situate logo, the Orient Flight dial is generally level.


Avionics timepieces are second just to jumpers’ watches in ubiquity with regards to don (great) watches, and everybody needs no less than one pilot-style watch in their gathering.

Situate Watch USA’s depiction of the Orient Flight watch is amazingly straight-forward and to the point.

On the mixed blue or blue & red NATO strap I think the Orient Flight comes alive much more than on the brown strap.

When opting for the version with the blue dial, you clearly want to wear a watch with some personality.


Luminant on the dial was noteworthy, without a doubt. As a matter of first importance, the luminant paint application was to a great degree even and very much connected. I don’t trust that Situate utilises SuperLumiNova luminant, yet theirs isn’t too awful the length of it is connected with enough volume

Not at all like plunge watches in light of a particular arrangement of capacities, pilot watches are more equivocal as far as what makes them “for pilots.” Customarily, a pilot truly simply required an unmistakable approach to telling the time, and on a few occasions, a second-time-zone or chronograph entanglement was valuable. Look at a greater amount of WatchAffairs audits and drop us your email to stand an opportunity to win our month to month selective watch giveaways .

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