Orient Watch Co. Ltd was established in 1950 in Tokyo as a manufacturer of watch. It is now Japan’s largest producer of mechanical watches and has become a wholly owned subsidiary of Seiko in 2009. Since its beginning of production, Orient has consistently focused on promoting its brand throughout the world with their intensive global marketing efforts.
Orient watches have often been lauded for their reliability, robustness and precision as they set themselves apart from other major Japanese watch companies by focusing on self-winding mechanical watches. Orient watch is known to manufacture all of their movements in-house in Japan and this is not common in watch manufacturing industry anymore, the list of companies that do this is very short and little. In-house movement production means that the watch manufacturer have all direct intellectual property rights to the movement they produce and such movements are more exclusive, or of higher quality, or that it’s more tradition.
Orient mainly offers its high-grade luxury, multi-functional sports, and classic series. However, in emerging markets, it primarily provides its less expensive series that targets a wider range of customers. Orient provides different products in different areas attuned to the market’s characteristics to ensure that customers view the company as the best manufacturer of mechanical watches and able to enjoy its products
 Orient Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Orient Watches

db08002b_4Orient Men’s Esteem Open Heart Dial Watch – FDB08002B

The open heart design of is the icon of this watch, I can spend hours watching the display through the open heart on the dial when I’m feeling bored.  I like how the gold blends into the black dial so beautifully giving it a very expensive and attractive look overall. The picture shown here is a little dark, which is why the gold looks brown, the link below will display a better illustration of the watch.

I’m sure that you will be surprise with the price tag on this expensive looking timepiece, check it out on the link.

ffd0f00_vintage_series.still016Orient Vintage Power Reserve Meter Watch –  FFD0F001W

Often referred to as the Vintage, known for its power reserve, this watch excels in both quality and design, simply put, it’s gorgeous, well-made and precise.

Untitled Orient Disk with Rotating Disk Hour Hand – ER02006A

 What makes this watch so exceptional is the way it displays the hours, look at the dial of the watch, its hour hand is actually a rotating disk and what’s even more amazing is that the hour hand changes colour throughout the day.

Aside from this cutting edge design which looks like a future watch, the high-quality Orient in-house movement quality remains the same.

CEU07005BX ORIENT Automatic Calender Watch – WV0311EU

An automatic calendar which includes month, day and date on the dial of the watch, some may find it too clutter or complicated, but its symmetrical design and colours actually help to organize and simplify the overall look.

The functions and features are very easy to set-up, with a scratch-resistance sapphire crystal suitable for any occasions, the best part is this watch is way beyond its price tag value. Check out the link and be amazed.

410nSUvtBALOrient Men’s Cosmos White Dial Black Leather Strap Automatic Watch –  ET0K003W

The Orient Cosmos ET0K003W comes with bright luminous with luminous blue hour and minute hands and luminous dot hour markers. The design of the dial is pretty simple, with fine details so clear that you would be able to get all the information you need with just a glance.

I’m amazed by how the sharp look on the dial is able to blend with the overall curves the watch has which makes it look so elegant and attractive at the same time.



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