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After leaving the Porsche car company, Fedinand Alexander Porsche, the grandson of the Porsche founder started his own luxury brand: Porsche Design. And the story begins here, Porsche Design Studio, founded in 1972 in Stuttgart, Germany has been developing and manufacturing chronographs for more than 30 years.
Fedinand Alexander Porsche believes that all design must be functional and functionality must be translated into visual aesthetics without any reliance on gimmicks that have to be explained. This simple believe has made Porsche design such a sensation and an icon in the luxury brand industry as it focus on functional, timeless and purist design. The purist design mentioned is the purism of Porsche Design, which demands authenticity and discards any unnecessary or excessive design, giving it a very clean, simple and elegantly exquisite finish.
Porsche Designs are notably known to be the first-ever all black watch to be introduced, as timepieces in the past were commonly made out of silver or gold. Even till today, Porsche Design are still continuing that tradition and is now one of the most renowned watchmakers in the world, receiving more than 170 national and international awards for its innovative functions, unusual materials, pure and exquisite designs.
 Porsche Design Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Porsche Design Watches

6612.11.42.024Porsche Design PTC 911 Limited Edition Watch – 6612.11.42.024

A fine combination of vintage style with modern technology, the Posche Design PTC 911 is a charming and masculine watch that has very high durability with water resistant up to 200meters. Overall, a fabulous looking watch with precise accuracy.

p6351Porsche Design Flat Six Automatic Men’s Watch – P’6351

Inspired by Porsche 911, the Porsche Design Flat Six P’6351 has a very contemporary and lively design. The mixture of red and black is almost perfect for someone looking for a watch that looks sporty yet snazzy. This sporty automatic watch comes with a comfortable black rubber strap along with 26 jewels and Porsche Design rotor.

661211110247Porsche Design P6612 Dashboard PTC Men’s Automatic Watch – 661211110247

The moment I see this watch, it reminds me of Rolex Daytona, but a sportier version of it. Porsche Design has outdone themselves, the 661211110247 Porsche Design watch is a great representation of what I would call contemporary innovation design, a very well balance of elegance, simplicity and sophistication.

WAP0700060CPorsche 911 Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch – WAP0700060C

Ignore the plastic cover. I would appreciate if someone sends me a better picture for this watch, like all watches, it looks a lot better than in pictures. The WAP0700060C Porsche 911 Chronograph is a simple looking watch inspired by the classic Porsche 911 car model, this beauty features split-time measurements and luminescent hour and minute hands.

6360Porsche Design Watch Flat Six Automatic Chrono – P’6360

Another variation from the Porsche Design Flat Six I introduced earlier on, this P’6360 looks just as good as the P’6351. A stealthy and elegant look with light touches of red makes this watch a killer, along with white hands and numerals, visibility of the watch is guaranteed. Red, white and black, definitely a flawless colour combination for this watch.


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