Project Watches Nadir Review ($130)

Project-Watches-Nadir-004When it comes to watches that aren’t strictly sold on the merits of the movement and function, you’re often left with what can be dismissively called a fashion watch.

Using that theme, the watch has time as its nadir, represented by the small disc with the numerals in the centre of the watch.

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There are people from other fields (not traditional watch folks) coming up with their own unique vision for what a watch can do.

The Nadir was designed by Damian Barton, who is a designer, but not in the traditional sense we’d think of with watches. strives to provide enthusiasts, consumers and watch collectors with the highest calibre of watch related information.

Now, if you’re like me, when you first glance at this watch, you’re figuring there’s going to be a lot of squinting going on to read this watch.

He loves the fact that we can carry these micro machines on our wrist without a second thought and looks at watches through the lens of practicality, uniqueness, and relative value.

Nothing so special, right? Well, those watches were actually designed by the architects of those buildings – so it’s not just some loose association for a quick sell.

Should someone pay closer attention to the watch, they’ll no doubt start asking questions about those reversed arrows.


Once I realised that it freed things up for me a bit in terms of how I perceived the watch when wearing it.

And that carries some truth until you realise one very basic thing – you don’t have to look at that central disc to read the time. Check out more of WatchAffairs reviews and drop us your email to stand a chance to win our monthly exclusive watch giveaways

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