Seiko is a Japanese word, meaning “exquisite”, “minute” or “success”. Founded in 1881, Seiko’s first watch was produced in 1924. Seiko is known to produce the world’s first production quartz watch in 1969, at that time it was introduced, it cost the same as a car.

Seiko has many developments and products such as motors, batteries, sensors, micro gears etc. But it is best known for its wristwatches the entire time; all of Seiko’s watches are produced entirely in-house. Seiko may be an old-school brand which you hear from your grandfather times, they are actually the world leading watch brand in the world producing top-notch watches now. Recent technological invention from Seiko is called “Kinetic” watch movement. “Kinetic” watch movement is the movement that charges itself as you move with kinetic energy, so you never have to change a battery. “Kinetic” watch movement is very similar to the “Eco-Drive” technology of Citizen’s. Some of the famous Seiko’s collections are the Grand Seiko and Astron.

Seiko watches receive very little love from the US-based watch buyers. When they think of Seiko, they think of a cheap quartz number their grandfather used to wear. However this definitely not true as it is the total opposite in other parts of the world. Seiko receives well-known recognition for its exquisite and precise engineering design over the years and, for its price range, Seiko probably makes some of the best stuff around.

Some of the famous celebrities that endorse Seiko watches are Jenson Button, Wang Leehom, Daniel Wu, Barceleona Football Club and Kristen Stewart.

 Seiko Watch Reviews and Recommendations

Top 5 Seiko Watches

sarx017Seiko Automatic Presage – SARX017

What makes the SARX017 so special is not only the red tipped seconds hand but also its gentleman design with its vertical stripes on the dial and perfect sleek curves, you wouldn’t want to remove it after wearing it.

I would highly recommend this watch to you guys as I have seen the actual watch itself and pictures alone is not doing this watch any justice.

skx007k2-bSeiko Men’s Diver’s Automatic Watch – SKX007

The SKX007K2 is a very durable and rugged watch that is able to take real abuse and still look as good as new. The lume is very bright, and it works throughout the night and is easy to read.

For a timeless design with such superior quality and durability, I am surprised that Seiko did not command a higher price.

Seiko-Mens-SNA411-Flight-Alarm-Chronograph-WatchSeiko’s Men Flight Alarm Chronograph Watch – SNA411 

As mentioned, pictures do injustice to the actual watch itself. I personally have this watch, and it’s perhaps one of my best buy so far, this beauty looks like any other $5000 Breitling with similar designs.

The details to this watch are just amazing and exceptional, I am extremely pleased with this watch and it has definitely gotten me lots of compliments whenever I wear it.

Seiko-Sportura-Black-Dial-Black-Leather-Band-Mens-WatchSeiko Sportura – SNAE67

Seiko Sportura SNAE67, a watch with sporty yet sophisticated design comes with a comfortable leather band. This quality timepiece is also very functional, simple and accurate with bright lume on its hands and dials.

Definitely a watch worth getting if you are looking for something sporty yet sophisticated at the same time.

sndc33p140mmSeiko Men’s SNDC33 Chronograph Dial Watch

The Seiko SNDC33 is a classic chronograph watch with great quality and a comfortable leather band that compliments the watch perfectly

A few reviews online claims that this watch is small, so I took time to go down to retail store to try it out and it actually fits on my wrist really well. Fyi the case diameter of the watch is 40mm.

It generally feels like a watch that you can wear it for both casual and formal occasions.



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