What exactly am I getting from a Swiss Made Watch?

You may have realised that Swiss Made Watches are generally more costly than other brands which aren’t Swiss Made, but do you know why they are costly? Are they over-valuing their Watches? Or are you really producing quality Watches that are really worth its value? Let’s take a look at details so that we all perfectly understand at what exactly we are actually getting from a Swiss Made Watch.


First of all, to call a watch Swiss Made, or state the words “Swiss Made” at the 6 o’clock position on any of the dials, the manufacturer has to follow a 4 golden rules that are set forth by the Swiss Federation guidelines. So what are the 4 rules that are set forth by the Swiss Federation guidelines?


Rule number 1: The movement must be made in Switzerland. Obviously, if it’s Swiss Made then it must be made in Switzerland. Period.


Rule number 2: 60% of the overall value of the watch has to be Swiss-Made components, so that allows for more high-quality components, and that, of course, is more expensive too.


Rule number 3: Swiss-Made movement must be encased inside of the watch in Switzerland. This is to avoid manufacturers taking a Swiss-Made movement and encasing it in a low-quality case and sell it for a high-priced making profits. So now you know when you are getting Swiss-Made products, you are getting the best components, best labour that goes into the best manufacturing process.


Rule Number 4: Perhaps the most important rule of all is that all quality inspection has to be carried out in Switzerland itself. In Switzerland, they are very stringent on their quality control and inspection, say 1000 watches may get passed the inspection in China, where only 1 bounced back because of a big glaring defect. Whereas if you put these 1000 watches through the Switzerland quality inspection, you will probably have 600 bounced back because of their top quality control and inspections mentioned. So you are paying more money for the high-quality inspections and also more money for anything that goes back that has to be re-manufactured.

 So when you buy a Swiss-Made Watch, yes it will always cost more, but it will also give you a peace of mind. What is your take on Swiss Made Watches? Are they really worth their value? Leave a comment below 🙂

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