Timex, founded in 1854 in Waterbury is the pride of the US watch history as it gained a special place within everyone’s hearts through their meticulous craftsmanship quality and accessible prices. Timex products are manufactured in the Far East and in Switzerland, often based on technology that continues to develop in the United States and in Germany. Over 150 years of excellence, Timex watches are definitely living up to its name of a worldwide leading watch brand.
Timex focuses on the mass market, based on the concept of affordable prices, fashionable designs and durable mechanical watches, it became Disney’s first licensing deal in 1932 which sold more than one million watches. Timex may be focusing on watches which are on the entry-level or lower in the past, it actually entered the luxury market in 2005 when Timex’s parent company bought over Swiss-based Vertime SA. Vertime is responsible for the design, manufacturing and distribution of Swiss-Made watches.
From then on, Timex was completely restructured and became one of the world’s leading watch brands to produce luxury watches which are innovative and affordable at the same time. Timex grew even larger when it started to introduce the world’s first GPS enabled watches, heart rate monitor exercise watches and many similar high tech devices. Timex is consistently ranked among the leaders of fifty fashion brands in jewelry and accessories and the third most popular of all women’s accessory brands.
Some of the celebrities that endorse Timex watches are Sue Sylvester, Rihanna, Ben Barnes and Melanie Oudin.
 Timex Watch Reviews and Recommendations
Top 5 Timex Watches

t2n819-2Timex Men’s Brown Leather Quartz Watch with Black Dial – T2N819

  The T2N819 is a very simple, attractive and cool watch to have. Just take a look at the design of the watch, the details are so fine and clear, you can easily read the time and setting up the watch is very simple too.

Definitely a good watch to have for its sleek and simple design and a reasonable price.


201238152445851Timex Men’s Black Military Chrono Watch – T49825

 A large, heavy, masculine and expensive looking aviation chronograph watch is one of Timex finest timepiece that is able to take up some abuse and still look new . In fact you don’t have to be a guy with large wrist to wear this watch; the T49825 fits very well on medium size wrist too.

What I like most about the Timex T49825 is its matte black finish which gives it a very cool retro military feel to it.

745a8c23jw1e6xtwpti2hj20jf0ioab9Timex Intelligent Quartz World Time Watch – T2N943DH

You can’t go wrong with the Timex T2N943DH, this vintage looking timepiece with modern touches to it along with a comfortable leather band makes the watch not only makes the watch attractive but also comfortable to wear.

With its latest Swiss in-house movement technology, this watch definitely excels in all aspect be it design or precision quality.

testTimex Men’s Intelligent Quartz SL Series Fly-Back Chronograph Brown Leather Strap Watch – T2N496 

The dial colour is actually creamy white, along with its silvery gold hands, it makes reading fairly easy.

The T2N496 has a substantial hefty feel, which gives you a sense of affirmation in quality. Overall a great looking watch with high accuracy in time.

222222Timex Mens Automatic Chronograph Black Leather Strap Watch – T2M515 

Its open heart design is what makes the watch so fascinating, I’m able to look at it for hours going to and fro marveled at its gracefulness. The T2M515 definitely looks like any other expensive watches out there in the market, at this price range; you are definitely getting more than that.

A watch not only with cutting-edge design, but also with high reliability and the latest in-house movement of the highest quality.


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