5 Tips to Watch Maintenance?

Here are some tips on how to maintain a watch to make sure that your watch will last for generations to come. With proper watch maintenance and protection, your watch will keep perfect time and may even become a family heirloom for your future generations.

1)  Avoid Vibrations and Impact

my_broken_pocket_watch_by_flunzysangel-d3h8xl0This is a no brainer and is perhaps the most common cause for watches to stop working, you should always avoid vibrations or impact to the watch, for example from sports or simply just dropping your watch from the high ground.

2)  Avoid Magnetic Fields

images (2)A naturally enemy of watches, especially mechanical watches. A magnetic field such as from loudspeakers, or magnetic covers of tablet computers etc.

3)  Rinse after Salt Water Exposure

images (3)Yeah, of course, most watches are water resistant, however, if you swim in salt water, you should rinse them with clean water afterwards.

4)  Use Chronograph Pushers with Care

09 Watch crown and pushersIf you have a chronograph, push the pusher with delicacy and with only the minimum force necessary as extra force may damage the watch inside out.

5)  Regular maintenance service

suadongho1You should send your watch for maintenance service every few years, usually they will dismantle the parts inside the watch, clean it, lubricate and reassemble it back. What you will have back is like a brand new watch.


Let us know how you usually maintain your precious timepieces 🙂

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