Top 10 Affordable Watches for Men

Most people believe that to own a classy elegant looking watch means to spend a fortune on it. This is not necessary when it comes to WatchAffairs. We are proud to introduce our top 10 affordable watches for men when it comes to suit and ties, watches under 200 can also attain a high-tier watch look.

First in the list…

1) Orient Bambino ($125)

Welcome to the Orient club gentleman. Made in Japan and one of the most popular brands aside from Seiko, the Orient Bambino definitely stands out when it comes to a classic and elegant look. The Orient Bambino is one the best entry-level watches as its quality is definitely top-notched, its company history and heritage goes a long way back with Seiko. Definitely one of the best buys for an entry-level watch.


What makes the Orient Bambino such a beauty is its attention to the finest details and quality that is not typically found at this price point.

2) Seiko 5 Sports ($107)

This Seiko 5 is a 50-year tribute to the first Seiko 5 Sports that was created in 1963. A curve glass, day-date complication automatic watch pays a good visit to the past of simple watch design and cutting-edge complication.

seiko5One of the best selling model of Seiko. The Seiko 5 sports is a desire for all be it for casual or dress-up occasions. Definitely one of the best entry-level watch at this price point for a day-date complication.

3) Seiko Presage ($430)

Seiko needs no introduction anymore if you know its solid establishment on par to Swiss watches. This Seiko Presage gives a classic feel but has very fine modern touches to it. Not only its beautiful details to every corner and how sleek it looks, its sophisticated self-winding mechanical mechanism makes it stand out from the rest.


The Seiko Presage SARX017 is indeed the perfect dress watch at this price point. A little bit costly than the ones mentioned above, but definitely worth every cent spent on it. Excellent gift for men who appreciates classic watches like this.

4) Daniel Wellington Dapper ($200)

Pretty excited when Daniel Wellington came out with its newest collection, the Dapper. Who says a simple looking watch cannot look classy, slender and sophisticated at the same time? The Daniel Wellington Dapper is a true example of it and it is definitely worthy to be in our Top 10 affordable watches for men list. The Daniel Wellington Dapper has gorgeous deep blue hands, exquisite roman numerals and date to keep you on time and looking good.9b60d242-2414-4b7b-9223-d626fc0d4f45_blog_ln_11849921_727014804077296_1188679484_n

My favourite part about Daniel Wellington watches are their genuine leather straps, excellent and high-quality leather straps that make it so comfortable wearing the watch, sometimes I don’t even remember I have a watch on my wrist. The straps are interchangeable with fun looking straps for your casual occasions.

5) Casio Edifice ($120)

Casio, another leading watch brand in Japan. Known for its cutting edge design and quality. A familiar brand to everyone, the Casio edifice is one of the more popular series Casio has released. For this price, you are getting a high-quality watch with a quartz movement, slide rule bezel, 12-hour chronograph, and screw down crown and case back. It’s a steal if you ask me.


The Edifice is a relatively inexpensive watch for what you are getting. The strap is interchangeable, leather and stainless steel. The hands and dials have a nice lume to it. Highly recommend it for guys who love such complications. The Casio Edifice looks masculine and dashing, definitely worth the buy.

6) Seiko Diver’s ($190)

Proud to present the Seiko Diver’s collection. By now you guys should know that divers watch don’t come cheap as it is not easy to build a strong bezel to withhold the pressure underwater, divers watch don’t come cheap. But Seiko Diver’s series is one of the most affordable ones in the market that comes with excellent craftsmanship and quality.

newwatches1163b96524462aea94f909d30b038b098ffThe fit and finish are definitely very impressive and sleek at this price point. Usually, a watch at this price point would give you something much lesser, but Seiko Divers has more to offer. My favourite part of this watch is its well polished and mirror-like bezel, looks really posh and expensive. Also, the case has a very nice chamfered edge along the top edge of the sides.

7) Citizen AT4010-50E Titanium ($430)

Very pleased to own this watch, Citizen needs no introduction, yet another solid brand from Japan. The Citizen AT4010-50E titanium is a very lightweight watch and it brings joy to wear it. This is a very high-tech watch and will definitely appeal to guys who wants a sporty yet dressy looking watch, no need to worry about replacing batteries as this watch runs on solar power.


Here’s a quick overview of this watch:

  • Atomic timekeeping in five different zones
  • Citizen Eco-Drive solar powered technology
  • Perpetual calendar
  • 1 Second chronograph measures up to 60 minutes
  • Alarm
  • Day and Date
  • Power reserve indicator
  • Non-reflective sapphire glass crystal
  • Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet)
  • Tachymeter
  • Titanium case and bracelet
  • Bracelet features a hidden double push button release clasp
  • 42mm case width (approximately 1 5/8 inches)

I would pay a thousand for this watch but it only cost less than half of it. Definitely worth the buy, no regrets getting it until now.

8) Panzera Breuer ($445)

With a simple polished bezel, Panzera Breuer removes a lot of the lifestyle element, making it one of the most humble watches they make.


Coming in at a price of $445, the Panzer Breuer offers an affordable take on the Bauhaus design, simultaneously offering us something bigger.

I may be a bit biased, as I like this style of watch overall, but the Panzera Breuer is the watch that I enjoyed spending some time with. My love on this watch is its cleanliness of the dial is exquisite.

9) Orient Diver’s Mako ($112)

Meet Orient most popular diver’s collection, Mako. Under 200 you are getting your buck worth as the quality of this watch goes way beyond this price point. The Orient Mako comes in different face colours – Blue, Orange and Black, well, of course, the orange one is definitely my all time favourite. Which diver watches actually offers an orange face?


Its lume is another highlight of this watch, very bright and strong lume to monitor your time in the dark, this beauty is a catch for all occasions. Another thing I think people enjoy about wearing a stainless steel watch is that you definitely feel the weight of it on the wrist, and this delivers.

10) Swatch Sistem 51 ($125)

Yes, you are not seeing things. A Swatch automatic for just $125. Crazy isn’t it. One of Swatch latest release using their in-house technology and calibre, this watch is build to almost perfection. Its aim is to create an affordable mechanical watch for the masses, but not many people know about the existence of this watch.

Swatch-Sistem-51-Watch-Review-aBlogtoWatch-21Swatch-Sistem-51-Watch-Review-aBlogtoWatch-3Swatch-Sistem-51-Watch-Review-aBlogtoWatch-7The best way of explaining the purpose of the Swatch Sistem 51 for me was as a means for Swatch to help young people enter the world of mechanical watches with an attractive and budget-priced watch that would allow them to later “graduate” into more expensive and luxurious mechanical watches. One of the best things you can say about the Swatch Sistem 51 collection is that budget watch lovers could finally have a timepiece that was both inexpensive and fun, while also suitable as a timepiece to get a nod from watch snobs.