What is the true Water Resistance of a Watch?


We are going to talk about water resistance as it relates to our everyday purposes in wristwatches. We are going to talk about different watch depth rating and what are their usefulness is really going that, say you have a 100m water resistant watch, this means that the watch is able to survive the pressure if you can put this watch under water up to 100m without any movements. But if you are actually wearing the watch and swimming under water at 100m, these movements will exert a lot of pressure to the watch than if it is actually sitting static and your watch is most likely isn’t gonna survive. to be. In general, when you look at a watch water resistance rating, it is actually a static rating. What this means is

So, to put it simply, a 100m water resistant watch is able to survive a 100m depth underwater static but not a 100m depth underwater in motion. And now we are going to talk about the practical everyday applications of watches of different water resistance ratings.

30m Watch Water Resistant

timex30mWe are going to start off with a standard luxury watch, which generally has quite a low water resistance rating as they are typically wear for underwater activities. With only 30m watch water resistance, don’t even think about hopping into the pool with your watch on, your watch will most likely not survive the pressure. I would say the best this can go is washing your hands or taking a light shower with your watch on is the furthest this watch can take.


50m Watch Water Resistant

seiko50mAt 50m watch water resistance, this watch can go a little further than your 30m watch water resistance, you can hop into the pool and swim with it but nothing deeper than a swimming pool depth, as mentioned, when you are in motion, you are actually exerting more pressure to the watch and it can force water inside or even cause your watch to collapse.


100m Watch Water Resistant

edifice100mThen we have the most commonly seen 100m watch water resistance watches. We can perhaps call this a recreational dive watch, as it can pretty much handle anything that is water recreational from hopping into a pool, water rafting or even light snorkeling if you want to. But please make sure that your crown and case is fully secured if they happen to be both screwed up.


200m Watch Water Resistant

seiko200mAt 200m watch water resistance, we are doubling of what we have at 100m watch water resistance. A lot of things have to been changed physically to the watch in order to reach this degree of water resistance. As you can see, the walls of the case are thicker, the crystal no matter the material are also thicker, and the case back must be a reinforced case back is also thicker. A different set of gaskets will also be added at the case back. Good for normal diving and any water recreational activities.


200m> Watch Water Resistant

1500mbreitlingAnything beyond 200m watch water resistance, I would call it extreme divers watch. We have talked about 200m watch water resistance which is good for more than any one would need for underwater activities.This is extreme because it will probably survive any pressure underwater that a human can bring to, as you can see the overall watch looks very bulky and hefty because of its tremendously thicker walls so that they won’t be crushed like a tin can, the crystal is going to be 4-5mm thick at least, if you see a crystal that is thinner than that, then the claim of the watch is not going to be true. The case back is going to be specially reinforced, so what you are getting is a watch that will far exceed any human being is ever going to need.


Watch Water Resistance Chart

WaterResistancechartIn fact we have a chart to help you out in gauging the capability of your watch water resistance, we hope that this is useful and helpful for you to protect your precious timepiece 🙂


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