What is a Watch Complication?

Have you ever wondered what those extra dials or extra hands are on a watch? These are often described or rather represent complications. The complication is something beyond telling the time from a watch. They are pretty much like additional functions/feature to a watch. And we are gonna go through some of the watch complications here.

L_IW371417_2011.a038d31d0217b84d767f862e8fc7d9631)  Chronograph

A chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch function. It has an additional seconds hand which is used for short time measurement. Chronograph watches are mostly used to measure the time for sports.

2)  Minute RepeaterZenith-Academy-Minute-Repeater-watch

A mechanical masterpiece that makes the time audible by chiming the hours, quarter hours and minutes in the most delicate tones. The minute repeater was developed in the time where there was no electricity, so there was no light to indicate the time and the only way was through sound.

breguet-tourbillon-messidor-33)  Tourbillon

The Tourbillon was developed to counter the negative effects of gravity on the accuracy of a watch. The escapement, “The heart of the watch” is mounted with the balance wheel in a constantly rotating cage. In short, it is to remove the effect of gravity so that the watch can perform better with a better and more accurate of beats.

4)  Perpetual Calendar30503

A calendar mechanism that correctly displays the date on the watch “Perpetually” taking into account the different lengths of the month as well as leap years. One of my favourite complication of all, this is some crazy engineering, even in centuries down the road, the calendar is still able to give you the correct date.

So which are your personal favourite watch complications? 🙂

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