What is a Mechanical Watch?

Preserving the tradition that has been going through for hundreds of years. A mechanical watch is a perfect balance of art, style and engineering. Building a mechanical watch is very complex as it involves a series of gears and springs and multiple parts that typically have between 200 to 500 little pieces painstakingly engineered and assembled. Most importantly, they all have to work together in harmony to tell time perfectly.


The beauty of a mechanical watch is its movement; a movement is the heart and soul of a mechanical watch. Unlike a quartz watch, you can have battery providing constant amplitude so that you can measure time. A mechanical watch is powered by a spring, the spring moves the balance wheel, and the balance wheel, in turn, transfers its impulses to an escapement, the escapement measures the beats.


Many people look at a watch, they look at the dial, a pretty face is what interests them, there is nothing wrong actually, a watch should not only look beautiful on the outside, but they should also look beautiful inside, and that’s where the design of mechanical watches comes.

So what is a mechanical watch to you? 🙂

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