What to look for when buying a Watch?

The purpose of this article is to educate you on what to look for when buying a watch, so here is the basic checklist of things that you will need to have if you want to buy a watch that is going to last for a long time and be of a good service.

1) Watches with Round Glass

IWC Portuguese

The reason being is that a round glass is always going to be more watertight than other shapes. Also, if you do break the glass of the watch, it is going to be cheaper to fix it, sometimes it is even impossible to repair it because of its peculiar shape compared to the common round glass shape.


2) All stainless steel case

stainless steel

The focus here is “ALL”, because most watches do indeed have a stainless steel back but often times they use base metal bezels, and what happens here is that your sweat will gradually corrode the base metals and form sharp edges which will dig into your skin and also eventually lose its ability to keep the water out of the watch as it should.


3) Water Resistant


I can’t emphasise how important this is because of the misconception most people have on water resistance watches, have at least a 100m water resistant if you are buying a watch. And a 100m water resistant watch does not mean you can go underwater 100m deep, please read on the watch water resistance rating and capabilities of these ratings here.


4) Sapphire Crystal Glass

sapphire crystal glass

That is the minimum or at least a requirement you should look out for, sapphire crystal glass is very durable and scratch-proof unless you try to drill through it with a drill or something crazy like that. Basically, it’s nearly indestructible if you are not doing anything crazy as mentioned above.


5) Replaceable Strap/Band


Very few watch companies do not offer watches that allows you to change the strap of the watch. It is very easy to spot one that is strap replaceable, just take a look at the back of the watch; there should be pins or screws that attach the strap onto the case of the watch as shown in the picture above marked in red circle. This is fairly important because often times if a strap fails, you would have to throw the whole watch away if the strap is not replaceable!


6) Swiss-made or Japan-Made


Yeah, these 2 giants have been battling over the few decades to be the best in the watchmaking industry and there is still no clear winner to who is better, what I can say that is both are equally good in producing the highest quality and sophisticated watches  in terms of design and movements. I wrote an article earlier on “What exactly am I getting from a Swiss-Made Watch?” Be sure to read this article if you wish to know more about Swiss-Made watches.

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